Run Android on your PC

  1. Built-in Applications

  2. General

    Normal Desktop Customized Desktop with Widgets
    Applications Menu Quick Search

    Internet Surfing
    New York Times
    Wikipedia Weather Channel
    Add a Bookmark Multiple Windows

    Wifi Settings

    Turn on Wifi Configure Wifi AP
    Wifi Connected Wifi Infomation

    Ethernet Configuration

    Turn on Ethernet Configure Ethernet Device


    Music Album Listen Music
    Play Video Adjust Volume by Hotkeys


    View Thumbnails View a Photo
    Slide Show Share Photo


    JetBoy Lunar Lander


    Select Locales Traditional Chinese
    Simplified Chinese Japanese
    Korean Greek

    Power Off Dialog

    Pressing Power Button Power Off Confirm

    Powering Off

    Virtual Machine

    Boot to VESA mode Virtual Box
    Play Music on Qemu Browser (1024x768)

  3. Third Party Applications
  4. AndAppStore

    Search Applications Downloading
    Downloaded Complete Installation Confirm

    Rock On - Music Player

    Rock On Controls Playing Music

    File Manager

    OI File Manager AndExplorer

    Android VNC

    Setup Connect to Remote

  5. Installation
  6. Boot Selection Select Devices
    Boot Selection Installation Complete