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5 Ways to Optimise Your Android Device for Gaming Performance

‌While Android phones are well-known for their gaming prowess, you’ll sometimes find that older models are let down by their performance. However, you don’t need to buy a new phone to continue enjoying a smooth gaming experience; you can improve the performance of your current device by optimising your Android phone for gaming performance.

Update Your Android Operating System

‌One of the best ways to improve your gaming performance is to regularly update your Android device. Many operating system updates include bug fixes or performance improvements that will automatically make your gaming experience more enjoyable. Plus, they often come with security fixes to ensure your device remains secure while you enjoy all the games the internet has to offer. If you start to see a decrease in your phone’s gaming performance, check to see if any updates are available.

Disable Unnecessary Apps

‌Another common reason why your phone may be running slowly is because of unnecessary apps running in the background. It’s amazing how many of these apps pile up over time, and they’re all taking away vital resources from your game. By closing these apps and disabling the ones you don’t use, you free up more memory and processing power which can be used to run your game, vastly improving your device’s performance.

Use a Game Booster App

‌If you want to maximise the power that’s available to you in your phone’s hardware, you may want to consider downloading a game booster app such as Razor Cortex. These apps are designed to optimise your system resources for gaming, ensuring that you have a smooth, lag-free experience. They work by managing various aspects of your phone, routing performance away from unneeded apps and towards your game. Some of the best game booster apps can even optimise your network connectivity to give you better server responses and faster pings!

Clear Cache and Data

You’ll find that the more full a phone’s storage is, the worse that phone performs over time. Cached data can build up over time across multiple different apps and end up slowing down your phone’s performance. By clearing this data, you can free up some much-needed storage space on your phone, improving your gaming performance. This is particularly important when playing high-quality games and online slots such as Merkur Casino Games or Modern Combat 5. It’s best practice to clear your phone’s cached data every couple of weeks to ensure it doesn’t start to impact your phone’s performance.

Adjust Graphics Settings

‌As games are becoming more graphically intensive, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your graphics settings are appropriate for the performance capabilities of your device. The fact of the matter is that not every Android phone will be capable of running the latest games on the highest graphical settings without experiencing some sort of negative performance impact. By reducing the graphical and animation settings on your device, you can vastly improve its gaming performance, even if it is at the cost of graphics quality.


By following these simple tricks, you can optimise your Android device for gaming performance, giving you a much better gaming experience. All of the tips we’ve listed can help improve your phone’s performance, so why not give them a try the next time your Android is running slower than expected?