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Analytics Program

Android-x86 is an open source project maintained by volunteers. To improve the project, we are going to collect some anonymous data from the users.

In the first launch, these data will be collected
• some hardware information
• apps usage

The data will be sent via Google Analytics Services SDK(Software Development Kit) to Google Analytics (GA) server. On the first booting, the users will be prompted to confirm the data collection as shown in the screenshot:

Analytics Program

Please say yes (keep the checkboxes checked) to these questions.

If you'd like to stop sending the data later, set these properties by the commands (using root):

setprop persist.sys.hw_statistics 0
setprop persist.sys.apps_statistics 0

The core developers will be granted the permission to read the data. Suggestions to improve the Analytics program are welcome.

The analytics code has been checked in the marshmallow-x86 branch and included in the 6.0-rc2 release.

Most of the analytics code is contributed by Jide Technology Ltd and licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0.