Run Android on your PC

Google Group (mailing list)

To participate in this project, send your test reports, patches or suggestions to the discussion groups mention below:

Before sending technical problems to the mailing list, make sure you have read all related documents carefully, and did some study yourself (e.g., ask google). If you want to ask a troubleshooting issue, please provide enough information, including what your target device is, what branches you tried, and debug messages like output of dmesg and logcat.

Do not ask if we support your device or not. We usually don't have a chance to test it (unless you'd like to donate one). Just try it yourself. If it doesn't work well, let us know.

IRC channel

To communicate with us real-time, join the irc channel #android-x86 at
You need an irc client, like irssi, a text mode client available for Linux, BSD, Solaris, Apple, Cygwin, etc. Here is a simple instruction:

irssi -c

/nick <your nickname>
/join #android-x86

We are usually online, but we may not see your messages quickly. Stay at the channel and be patient to wait a response.


If you have any cooperation or donation plan, you may contact us privately: <>.

For problems of using Android-x86, use the mailing list described above. Do not send any personal problem or request to this email. You will not get any reply.